Dance group ready for European tour Ezimnyama Dance Ensemble

Mthabisi Tshuma – [email protected]

ONE of the country’s most popular dance outfits, Ezimnyama Dance Ensemble, is preparing to start its international tour which will see them travel to European countries that include France, Spain and Switzerland.

The group is expected to leave the country next week Saturday and return on August 22.

The dance ensemble’s founder, Phibion “Fobie” Ncube said they are ready for the tour.

“As an ensemble from Bulawayo, we’re so excited seeing ourselves being invited to Europe. It’s an unbelievable experience for us. Our work has taken us this far. The idea is to take Zimbabwean culture to all corners of the world,” said Fobie.

He said Zimbabwe is a beautiful country and they will push to ensure that the world experiences it through music and dance.

“We’ll continue building networks and also share our culture with other cultural practitioners across the globe. For the tour, we’ve added new things to our production including the gumboot dance, acrobatics, music and some surprise acts.

“Fans in Europe should thus expect fire as usual and also the beauty of Zimbabwean music and dance.”

Fobie called on their local fans to join them next week Wednesday for a farewell party that has been organised at Alliance Française de Bulawayo.

“We cannot travel to France without saying goodbye to our Bulawayo community. We urge Bulawayo to come and say goodbye to its sons and daughters on the 12th of July.

“At the show, we’ll present what we’ll offer in Europe. We really appreciate the support we received from Alliance Française de Bulawayo and the ambassador de French Embassy Harare,” said Fobie while acknowledging the wonderful relationship they have with local fans.

The farewell party will be free of entry.

Ezimnyama Dance Ensemble whose work ranges from community theatre, African traditional dance and music, to contemporary dance and poetry, performs Zimbabwean and Southern African traditional dances. The group is committed to preserving African traditions, particularly folklore music and dance.

Their work is mainly made from human voices, hand clapping and foot stamping, and above all human creativity.

Over the years, the group has produced works that have been well-received in Zimbabwe and its neighbouring countries. – @mthabisi_mthire.

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