Daniel Lasker produces Zim’s first Ndebele Sci-Fi

12 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Daniel Lasker produces Zim’s first Ndebele Sci-Fi

The Chronicle

Angela Sibanda, Showbiz Reporter
Renowned local film director Daniel McGregor Lasker is set to release Zimbabwe’s first-ever Ndebele Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) movie titled The Signal, which was filmed and produced in Bulawayo.

Following the announcement of the movie’s release, it has been trending on social media platforms with many being curious as they wait to watch the trailer tomorrow.

Lasker said the trailer for the 20-minute-long movie will be released on his YouTube channel. He said the movie was written by Oscar Reyes and stars local talent in the form of Dumie Manyathela who starred in the popular movie Veza The Unfolding, Tawanda Denga and Natasha Dlamini.

“With this film, we want to offer, not just Zimbabweans, but any audience member, the chance to go on a thrilling Sci-Fi ride, in a setting that hasn’t been seen before, with Ndebele characters,” said Lasker.

“A deadly sound transmitted from space known as The Signal corrupts the minds of all who hear it, turning them into soulless Demons under its control,” shared Lasker as he gave a synopsis of the production.

He said the Zimbabwean film industry has been longing for new inventions and the movie is a first step towards producing movies that can be enjoyed by local and international audiences.

“For a long time, Zimbabwe’s film industry has been craving something new and inventive, which pushes the envelope further and raises the standard. This film aims to be a big step in that direction,” Lasker said.

Born and raised in Bulawayo, 23-year-old Lasker is an actor, director and cinematographer who was dubbed one of Zimbabwe’s most promising filmmakers when he was only 18 years old.

Interestingly, he taught himself how to make films and was awarded Outstanding Director at the 2018 Bulawayo Arts Awards. He has previously appeared on BBC One’s Noughts and Crosses, History Channel’s – Lincoln, The Telling Room, and SYFY Networks – Vagrant Queen.

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