Deep secrets series on cards

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Deep secrets series on cards

The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent
Deep Secrets, a series depicting problems that are happening in families and marriages is on the cards.

A collaborative effort between Midlands State University Media and Society Department (MSS), Printzone, Chibong Studios and Zhuzha Land, Deep Secrets is expected to have seven episodes.

Shooting of the production that will feature Dr Oswelled Ureke, an MSU MSS lecturer, Virginia Sikwiliti who is known for the role of Siyoyo in Fidelis movie and Victoria Nyanhete, a radio producer/presenter at 98.4FM who plays Eden on Kuchina that airs on ZBCtv, is expected to start soon.

Series screenwriter, Bongani ‘Chibong’ Moyo, said Deep Secrets is set to unpack the secrets that are found in homes.

“The series is inspired by the fact that every family becomes complicated and more difficult because couples and families are intrigued by different types of things.

“Every family has its own problems that they keep to themselves. Instead of camaraderie, couples tend to drift apart leaving most couples wanting out,” said Chibong.

Chibong said the series is about a man who is obsessed about his son’s wife who he later bewitches.

“In the series, Mr Mataga is obsessed with the idea of sleeping with his son’s wife and goes on to use dark magic powers to tie Tambu’s womb to benefit his selfish desires while Nhamo is failing to have children.

“With Nhamo having lost his mother, he has no one else to turn to, but his father, Mr Mataga who is the root of Nhamo’s barrennes,” said Chibong.

He said the series will also tackle issues of alcohol abuse, cheating and blackmail.

“In the series, the Machaya family have no children. The only child they have is the housemaid, Amanda. Mrs Machaya is diagnosed with cancer and this pushes Mr Machaya to the edge and he starts drinking, boasting that he has money and all the luxury, but has no heir or heiress.

“Due to an unpleasant coincidence, the husband falls for Amanda and they start sleeping together leading to Amanda slacking in her duties and the wife fires her. For Amanda to save her job, she resorts to blackmail and threats forcing Mr Machaya to reinstate her.”

Chibong also revealed the series has themes of deception, death and love.

If all goes according to plan, Chibong said the first episode of the series will be uploaded on YouTube by the end of this month. – @mthabisi_mthire.

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