Defenders win you championships, Strikers win you games… the invincible Arenel Movers Arenel FC players

Welldone Ndlovu, Online Writer

Defenders win you championships, strikers win you games!

This encapsulates the success of the Southern Region Division One outfit Arenel Movers FC who were promoted to topflight Premier Soccer League without losing a match.

An impressive streak of 28 wins 6 draws and 0 losses saw them emerge invincibles.

 Led by a fearless defence with the standout Charlton Siamalonga and a dynamic offensive of Leroy Ndlovu on the wing , Arenel was unstoppable throughout the season.

Charlton Siamalonga , a stalwart defender, has had a truly standout season for the Arenel Movers. Playing in 31 games, he kept his opponents off the board 28 times, letting in only 5 goals all season. His consistent, reliable play made him an invaluable part of the team’s success, even contributing to the offence with 2 goals and 4 assists.

Charlton Siamalonga


Charlton’s words on the secret behind his success are both inspiring and insightful. Prayer, hard work, and focus are key elements to his success.

“The secret behind my success as a consistent defender throughout the season is firstly you need to pray before doing anything, you just need to train extra hard as an individual, being focused in what ever assignment you will be given on a day and not to listen to whatever negativities that come out in the streets,” said the talented defender.

While Charlton’s defensive prowess was a key component of the team’s success, winger Leroy Ndlovu’s offensive contributions were equally important. His 9 goals and 7 assists in 27 outings helped propel Arenel to a historic victory.

Leroy Ndlovu with the ball against Adachi

Leroy’s words about his performance this season are heartfelt and emotional. He is grateful for the support of his coaches, teammates, and brother.

The prolific striker says, “I am feeling great for the marvelous performance this season, helping the team to win the tittle and also  being the top scorer of the team and I am forever grateful to my coaches and teammates for believing in me, pushing me to the greatness I have reached this year and also giving thanks to my brother for supporting me in every game”.

Arenel Movers concluded their season yesterday in style thumping Binga Pirates 4-1 at White City Stadium to increase their goals haul to 75


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