Destroying the activities of the marine kingdom

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Destroying the activities of the marine kingdom

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Destroying the activities of the marine kingdom

Nomalanga Sibanda, Book Review
This is a book that will appeal to Christians across different denominations. It is dedicated to “All saints” and rightly so because the content caters for all the saints interested in knowing about the marine world. It is a book in season and very appropriate for our time.

It is an impressive book because the content has been well researched and explained. The author uses dictionary to define important words to bring out the highlights of his theme. The title of the book is appropriate because from the onset the author makes it clear that the novel is about the marine world and identifies the activities of the marine kingdom.

The cover page is very attractive in gold and shades of blue. The content is explained very well and is based on scripture references which are provided.

What is most appealing about the book is that the author explains what the marine world is about in very simple straight forward language.

Firstly, the author clearly defines what the marine world is and describes the operations of marine spirits in an individual’s life. The author defines terms within context of his subject such that the reader is left with no doubt about what the writer is discussing and he aptly links dictionary meanings with the religious context. He explains the different types of marine spirits and how they afflict an individual.

The author ably brings out the things that can open a door leading to entry or affliction by the marine spirits. Sindiso Joaqium describes the manifestation of different marine spirits clearly in his book.

He goes on to give signs that can help an individual identify the manifestations of the effects of the marine spirits in their lives. Joaqium equips the reader with weapons which one can use to fight or close the door to marine spirits. The book is impressive in that it does not only equip the reader with knowledge of marine kingdom but it also provides prayerful strategies on how to counter the marine spirits. This has been done by the provision of prayer points relevant to each topic.

The book is a must read for all people who want victory over marine spirits or knowledge about its operations. However, the book was poorly edited.

The cover page gives the impression that the book might be about something else as the cover page consists largely of a picture of lightning flashing in the sky. The lightning is given prominence and takes about two thirds of the page while the water which is what the book is about, is given a lower third of the page. I feel that the water should have been given prominence with pictures of life under the water to make it more relevant.

The layout of the content is not consistent and that takes away the beauty of the whole book. Poor use of punctuation marks and errors, mistakes that needed to be picked during proof reading mar what is otherwise an impressive book. Certainly, placing a full stop before the beginning of a sentence is not ideal. Placing questions marks and other punctuation marks wrongly completely distorts the meaning of a sentence. Misuse of words that sound the same, for example, tale for tail should be noted in future.

I would recommend it as a must read for all individuals who want to know about the operations of the marine kingdom.

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