Devolution funds bring new clinics, schools to Umzingwane A maternity ward at Shale Clinic (left) and a motherr’s waiting shelter at Nswazi Clinic

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Matabeleland South Bureau Chief

Umzingwane district in Matabeleland South province has spent the bulk of its devolution funds on constructing clinics and schools to reduce distances walked by patients and pupils as it works to bring services close to the people.

Some of the money has been used to fund the rehabilitation of roads and bridges.

Since 2019 council has received $276 million from Government as devolution funds.


According to a devolution report, the local authority has allocated about $50 million towards road maintenance works and bridge construction while $2,5 million was allocated towards constructing a classroom block at Malungwane Primary School which is in a resettlement area. The project has brought relief to pupils that were attending classes in the open.

The local authority spent $3,5 million on constructing a Science laboratory at Nsezi Secondary School.
The project is expected to enhance learning of STEM subjects in the area.

The council also allocated $1,1 million towards construction of a classroom block at Godlwayo Primary School and $2,5 million was spent on constructing teachers houses at Nyankuni Primary School.

The local authority used some of the devolution funds to repair infrastructure at schools such as Bayethe Secondary and Impu Primary School that was damaged by rains.

Under the health care sector a total of $32,4 million was allocated towards constructing a maternity ward and an out-patient department at Nswazi Clinic.

The council set aside $647 000 for constructing ward, a staff house, equipping the ward and drilling a borehole at Shale Clinic.

At Zimbili Clinic council allocated $1,5 million towards renovation of a staff house and construction of a septic tank. At Mawabeni Clinic $1,5 million was allocated towards constructing a staff house.

Under road maintenance the local authority has allocated $30 million towards reconstruction of Upper Ncema-Mvuthu Road while $9 million has been allocated towards construction of Mpisini Bridge.

Huwana Secondary

The council also bought service vehicles which have helped improve service delivery.
The vehicles include a tractor, seven tonne tipper truck, motorised grade and truck mounted drilling rig.

“The vehicles have helped to improve road maintenance works, garbage collection and enabled us to drill boreholes,” said council in its report.

The local authority also spent $1,4 million on Emlanjeni Phase 1 water reticulation project while $1,4 million was allocated towards Emlanjeni Phase 2 water reticulation.

Clinic in Mzingwane

The council also spent $1 million on Zimbili Clinic borehole drilling and water reticulation project.
The local authority in a bid to improve service delivery bought ICT gadgets for staff members.

Umzingwane District Development Coordinator, Mr Peter Mahlathini said the devolution funds have enabled the district to implement projects under education, health and transport sectors as well as buy machinery and equipment.

“The district has recorded significant development as a result of devolution funds. The funds have helped us to fund projects under education, health and transport as well as buy machinery and equipment,” he said.

Devolution funds are assisting local authorities across the country to implement key projects such as construction of clinics, classroom blocks, roads and bridges among others to improve people’s access to social amenities.–@DubeMatutu

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