Devolution funds build Tsholotsho clinics

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Devolution funds build Tsholotsho clinics Army engineers build a classroom block at Sipepa primary School in Tsholotsho

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 Blessing Karubwa, Chronicle Reporter
AFTER receiving over $25 million in devolution funds, Tsholotsho Rural District Council in Matabeleland North Province has embarked on construction projects at six clinics and one primary school.

The council’s chief executive officer Mr Nkululeko Sibanda said the council has been receiving the funds since 2019.

“In 2019 we received $5 million, in 2020 we received $3 million and finally this year we received $17,7 million. The received funds have been channeled towards the major capital projects which include building of a classroom block at Sipepa Primary School, building and rehabilitation of Jowa, Sikente, Madlangombe and Nkunzi clinics,” said Mr Sibanda.

The district is regarded as one of the most impoverished areas in the country and is in urgent need of support to improve livelihoods.

Mr Sibanda said they have so far managed to repair damaged sections of Jowa Clinic as well as building staff houses and fencing the clinic which is in Ward 9.

He said they are waiting for more funds to buy building materials in order to continue with the building of the classroom block at Sipepa Primary School.

The CEO said they have done roofing at Sikente and Madlangombe clinics in Ward 10.

The only outstanding work at Madlangombe is putting up a ceiling.

“We have managed to fix electrical faults at Nkunzi Clinic using the devolution funds. At Nshaba Clinic in Ward 16 we have so far fitted solar panels while plumbing works have been completed,” he said.

“Building of the Sipepa classroom block will ensure decongestion of pupils in a class and ensure rural development through emancipation of students. Fixing electrical faults will ensure good lighting which is important for patients and health workers. Fitting of solar panels and plumbing will warrant a good drainage system and lighting for better health service delivery.”

Mr Sibanda said council is expecting to have finished fitting solar panels and plumbing at Jowa, Inala and Sikente clinics by the end of September this year.

“We have not yet completed the project because we have an outstanding task at Sipepa Primary School in Ward 5 due to late disbursement of funds. However, quarry stone has been delivered at the school,” he said.

Mr Sibanda said council is also set to install a sewer and flood lights in Ward 22.

He hailed Government’s decision to disburse devolution funds and said the projects being done in Tsholotsho are changing people’s livelihoods. [email protected] TichaKarubwa

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