Distruction Boyz bring festive cheer

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Distruction Boyz bring festive cheer Quinton “Que” Mgobhozi on the decks and his appreciative audience at Club Connect on Saturday

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Quinton “Que” Mgobhozi on the decks and his appreciative audience at Club Connect on Saturday

Quinton “Que” Mgobhozi on the decks and his appreciative audience at Club Connect on Saturday

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
WHEN asked to defend their song Omunye Phezu Ko Munye, Distruction Boyz’ other half Quinton “Que” Mgobhozi said, “it’s so packed here we can’t even walk” and true to those words Club Connect on Saturday was heaving with revellers as they came to sample the group’s album, Gqom is the Future.

Omunye was said to be promoting people to engage in unprotected sexual intercourse and the SABC were thought to have removed the song from their broadcast playlist.

Although the Durban duo was not complete after Zipho “Goldmax” Mthembo missed the show, it was Quinton “Que” Mgobhozi who took over the reins in Bulawayo and gave fans one and a half hours of pure Gqom music.

This was Distruction Boyz’ second performance in Bulawayo as their last dance with the City of Kings two months ago left fans begging for more. This time Que set the bar higher and it will be hard to top this night by any artiste in the city.

As promised by the duo in the past that when the album is played revellers will need towels to wipe off the sweat because there would be no time to rest from start to finish, Que delivered. Those who thought that they would wait for December to get into the festive mood were in for a rude awakening as revellers in the club showed that they were already up for it and for the long haul.

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As early as 9PM people had started flocking to the nightspot as they waited in anticipation and at the door it was almost a nightmare to enter. Eager fans crammed each other to the barricades trying their best to enter the venue before Distruction Boyz got into the DJ booth.

After some pushing and shoving and getting stamped at the entrance, one was greeted by a sea of human beings right by the door. Leading to the dance floor, the density of people increased to an extent that it was hard to move around, let alone dance to the tunes thumping out of the speakers.

The vibe was already electric and revellers were in party mode fuelled by alcohol. Some ladies who were wearing high heels had removed them and moving around bare foot.

DJ Kead Wikead did a splendid job in warming up the crowd, but the crowd waited with bated breath for Distruction Boyz, and when the clock struck 12.45AM the fun began.

With plaited red locks like new school rapper Lil Yatchy, Que took over the decks and the crowd went into wild from the first song that he played.

There was no indication whatsoever that his partner Goldmax was missing from the equation as the 21-year-old DJ left experienced DJs from the city who were in attendance, green with envy as his set looked effortless and seamless with revellers responding like puppets to each beat thrown on the decks.

It was as if revellers were given a jolt of energy.

They threw caution to the wind and uncontrollably jumped and stood on speakers by the DJ box, with a scrawny looking self made bouncer trying his hardest to remove them. Girls were on the shoulders of their partners because there was not enough space to stand on the dance floor. It was mind-blowing that some could afford to dance and show off their nimble feet given inches of space available. The colloquial expressions “people losing their morals” and “new levels of ratchetness” described the types of dances exhibited by the mainly youthful crowd.

Those who had VIP tickets who are normally reserved also joined in the fun and could seen occasionally nodding their heads in approval.

And Que fed off this energy from the revellers and laid the album out to the fans.

At intervals, popular tracks such as Shut up & Groove, Madness from their album and midnight starring by DJ Maphorisa would thump from the speakers as Que prepared for the next track from their new offering.

The climax was when the runaway hit Omunye was played by Que! The crowd redefined the word frenzy. At the end of the night it was a superb outing and a perfect jump into the festive season.


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