DJ Nite Freak trashes local female DJs DJ Nitefreak at the House of CBD

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

LOCAL wheel spinner DJ Nite Freak (born Bheki Mabhena) has turned heel, slamming his female counterparts on Twitter for “practicing in front of us.”

The globetrotter believes that some female DJs lack the technical finesse necessary to provide engaging sets.

DJ Nitefreak

In a tweet, DJ Nite Freak said, “Female Djs in Bulawayo its oky to ask for pointers or tips from your brothers in music @RyanSynth, @LordSlimzar, @slimt771 or ask Crazy dee or Kapitol to help out if you afraid of the Gents. Cause lento of practicing in front of us… (sic)” before posting a symbol showing a person putting litter (rubbish) in the trash bin.

The unapologetic artiste’s attack on female DJs comes at a time when the world is celebrating Women’s Month and locally, the Vic Falls Carnival has booked DJ Liz and DJ Just Drey.

His tweet was met with varied reactions since some people felt he was just stirring up trouble for sport, but the DJ clarified that it was simply an “observation no one wants to call out.”  – @MbuleloMpofu


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