DJ Prince to launch song at Mlindo gig

22 Feb, 2019 - 00:02 0 Views
DJ Prince to launch song at Mlindo gig DJ Prince

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BULAWAYO DJ and music producer – DJ Prince (real name Nkosana Ncube), who is resident at BAC Leisure, is set to launch his house single titled Sphuza Noma Yini tomorrow.

DJ Prince, who has been a disc jockey for more than 20 years, said the song, a party track, would be released during Mlindo the Vocalist’s show at BAC Leisure.

Explaining how the song that features Inno Endless and P2daoh came about, DJ Prince said: “We were just chilling in the studio with Inno Endless, a singer based in South Africa and talking about being broke. As we spoke, Inno started free styling and producer P2daoh captured his vocals.

“From there, we worked on the beat and that’s how we came up with the song which we named Sphuza Noma Yini.”

The track, which has catchy lyrics, is likely to be a hit among imbibers as well as party lovers and will be played to audiences for the first time today.

DJ Prince, who is not new in the music business as he released his debut album in 2000, said he had not been quite active in the music industry since then as he had been focusing more on his Deejaying career.

He said this new single, which he believes will be a hit, had motivated him to continue producing music.

His other works include a dancehall remix of R’n’B songstress Alaina’s song Juice Box and a dancehall remix of rapper POY’s song Dirty Game.

“I hope people will enjoy this track. This year, I’m going all in on music production and I’m looking forward to working with other DJs and artistes locally including the likes of Iyasa, Cal_Vin, Sandra Ndebele and a whole host of young and up-and-coming Bulawayo artistes,” said DJ Prince.

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