DJ Stout, Bulawayo DJ to look out for in 2023 DJ Stout

Millicent Dube, Showbiz Reporter

Talent on the streets of Bulawayo never runs out as there is always a new kid on the block.

The latest new kid is DJ Stout who has been setting trends with his amazing sets at various places in the CBD. He has been playing at popular spots such as The Smokehouse, Eyadini, Mitre, Walker’s Pub, Pub Lagondola, Zanzibar and Grey’s Inn.

Born Bradley Masawi, DJ Stout’s music career started in 2019. He has worked with DJ Stokswit, Smith on deck, Kotwane Hikwa, King SG, Partykrazy, uMlungu omnyama, DH JB, Mufali and Toxic Chemical.

“I’m still finding my roots in this industry and developing my skills. I haven’t produced anything yet because I’m still learning the ropes. On the low key, I’m working on something with Taffy the producer,” said DJ Stout.

Deejaying is more of his side hustle as he is studying towards a national diploma in accountancy at the Bulawayo Polytechnic.

“It all started as a hobby. During the lockdown, I used to play at home when my friends or neighbours had parties. This one time, I played at a party and the audience was left impressed hence I decided to give it a shot,” said DJ Stout

“I’m pushing to get my degree because being in the corporate sector has always been my dream. As for my musical career, I’m not rushing anything. This is a hobby that I’ve taken interest in hence it shouldn’t cloud whatever I’d planned.”

Under Smith on the deck’s wings, DJ Stout is keen to make his name one that is unforgettable in the music industry.

Time will only determine where DJ Stout is headed. Will he make the people of Bulawayo party every day or get to deal with databases all day long? It remains to be seen.

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