Dr Malinga show rescheduled again!

08 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views
Dr Malinga show rescheduled again!

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent 

AFTER two failed attempts to bring Dr Malinga to Bulawayo this year, the South African house musician has been billed to perform in the city again next week.

However, the million-dollar question from fans is ‘‘will he fulfil his show in the city?’’

There is an ambitious plan to have Dr Malinga in the country for two shows, one in Bulawayo at The Vista and the other in Plumtree at the official opening of 4Js Bar. Both shows are scheduled for November 14. 

The doubts of him coming stem from the time he was billed to perform at the Umcimbi Wabantu in September, but cancelled at the last minute. This was due to the xenophobic attacks in his country. Fast forward to a month later, another poster was put up, this time for a show called Umcimbi Lite where Dr Malinga was billed to perform at the Large City Hall. 

Again, Dr Malinga at the eleventh-hour, informed organisers that he could not make it with the excuse being that his passport’s pages had been exhausted.

However, Umcimbi Lite went ahead at The Vista and it was a free show.

Now, Dr Malinga is supposed to come for this double header on the same day (a Thursday), but fans have started to doubt whether he is really going to fulfil the said gigs.

Excitement had gripped Bulawayo during the first show as event organisers, Skyz Metro FM are the ones who had requested for Dr Malinga to perform at the station’s birthday celebrations.

The radio station’s manager Godwin Phiri has however, assured fans that Dr Malinga this time around, will fulfil the gig.

“We’ve been in constant engagement with Dr Malinga and discussions have been cordial. All logistical issues have been sorted. This time, he is definitely coming,” said Phiri.

He said when Dr Malinga lands in Bulawayo, he will travel to Plumtree to perform at 4Js Bar for an official opening of the spot at around 5PM. Thereafter, he will be driven back to Bulawayo for his performance at The Vista. 

Babongile Sikhonjwa, who now runs 4Js Bar in Plumtree said: “Dr Malinga is coming and it’ll be great for Plumtree people to see such an act perform. They’ve been complaining that they are always overlooked in entertainment circles hence we decided to give them a live performance from the renowned Dr Malinga,” Sikhonjwa said.

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