Drama series, Tangled back with a bang! Natasha Dlamini

Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Correspondent

Much-loved drama series Tangled has returned for Season 3 with a much-hyped drama turnover than the previous season.

Airing on local channel 3ktv, the series returns with Natasha Dlamini, Charmaine Mudau and John Mabuyane.

Charmaine Mudau

The production’s director Charlene Mangweni Furusa said this season is all about revenge, retribution, and rekindling.

“This season has been amazing for me coming on as director of the show. There are a lot of new characters and storylines that needed to be crafted and that was a very welcome challenge for me. Dealing with new locations and dynamics of new characters was one of the ways to enrich the story and progress as each of the characters evolved.

“We’ve delved even deeper into the character arcs and that has given more dimension and body to the entire story. This new season is driven mainly by revenge, retribution, and rekindling. We’re delving into Margret Murimi’s rivalry with Simon Shonhiwa. We go in-depth to better understand who he is and where he comes from humanizing the beast we saw in season two.

“This is also where the Murimi’s get their revenge on Shonhiwa through Norman who has been re-elected Mayor. We see Learnmore almost rekindle what he had with his son’s mother who is also his uncle’s ex-wife,” she said.

– @SeehYvonne

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