Drink of the week: Night boat to Brazil

24 Dec, 2022 - 00:12 0 Views
Drink of the week: Night boat to Brazil George-Ngwabi-serves-the-Night-Boat-to-Brazil

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Peter Matika

NOT many people have set foot on a cruise boat to a destination somewhere across the globe.

Likewise, personally I have never set foot on a boat, I mean a big vessel that one can travel in for a long period. I am not talking about canoes here, I mean the real deal.

Yesterday I happened to taste a cocktail that left my buds salivating in glee. It is called the Night Boat to Brazil.

This is the perfect Christmas drink. It surely has a thumbs up from me!

And sure as heck like its name, it will surely leave you feeling like you are on a ship to Brazil.

It’s made of simple ingredients or rather a blend of a few cordials and liquors. As usual you add a serving or two of ice in a glass, half a thimbleful of lime juice, two thimbleful of batida de coco, half a thimbleful of cointreau orange liqueur or plain orange liqueur and one and a half thimbleful of sagatiba pura.

Believe me I know not any of these, all I know is that it’s Brazilian-inspired. Just one glass left me feeling dizzy!

This drink can be found at Bulawayo’s famous Brazilian Steakhouse Carne Casa. Quite forthcoming they are when it comes to co-operating if I may say.

Since the launch of this column Carne Casa were the first to be profiled they have a long list of cocktails which I believe many establishments can learn from.



. . .back to the Night Boat to Brazil its purple in colour of course, the colour coming from the mixture of the cordials. It’s sweet and lemony in taste, fruity on the flowery scents on the nose deriving from the granadilla and grapefruit. Enjoyed by the lasses but did note the lads enjoyed it too. I did.

“The drink is mostly enjoyable with friends. It’s normally served in a huge bowl or an alcohol tower. This drink isn’t harsh on the tongue and you basically won’t know that you are ingesting huge amounts of liquor.

“Once it’s in you know that it will remove the socks you are wearing from your shoes or sneakers or if you are a woman, it will definitely wipe all the makeup off your face,” said George jokingly.

This is definitely the perfect merry making drink for this season. Till next week, I bid you farewell and a Merry Christmas.

If you have an establishment and think your drink has what it takes to be profiled, send an email to [email protected] or WhatsApp 0772337433.

REMEMBER alcohol is not for sale to persons under the age of 18 and let’s not forget to drink responsibly.

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