Drink of the week: The Mitre Bar’s Bongi Special

Drink of the Week with Peter Matika

I AM certainly sure you feel it…It’s in the air…Perhaps you have even caught a little bit of the fever. It’s the silly season and it’s PARTY time!!!

Yes, the Silly Season is upon us! It’s happening, whether you like it or not! I’m quite excited about it and at the same time worried about the grim season January…well that is a tale for another day.

This week I am pleased to introduce you to a flavourful cocktail that had a delightful taste on my taste buds and it just might be the season’s favourite.

I went over to a new, well…not so new establishment nestled at the Barrow Street Swimming pool — The Mitre Bar to try one of their special drinks and I wasn’t disappointed.

Coined after the establishment’s barman and soon to be assistant manager Bonginkosi Nkhoma, the Bongi-Special definitely sends a whack down your throat and if you have a weak alcohol palate you are guaranteed of something that we at the office call “glazed eyes.”

Running through the ingredients, the ever-smiling and dreadlocked Bongi, said he created the cocktail as an experiment.

“Initially I was preparing a mocktail for our manager, he does not take alcohol. He loved the taste and recommended it be added on our list of mocktails and cocktails. So then I decided to add alcohol to it. Of course, all barmen and bar ladies or mixologists have their own signature melanges and this is mine. I shan’t share one of my secret ingredients . . . I have to admit, I was a bit selfish because I like things fruity and fun, so this is what these cocktails are. They are special because we are them and they are us.

“First you add a tot of Blackberry syrup, in a cocktail glass with one-and-a-half serving of crushed ice then add a snifter of Blue Curacao, two thimbleful of lemonade, the alcohol, which I will not mention as this is my secret ingredient. This is supposed to be a layered cocktail. Thereafter add cucumber slices and dazzles of bitters for colouring. And voila you have your two-minute cocktail,” said Bongi, serving the cocktail with a huge grin on his face.

Bongi noted that the cocktail so far was popular among ladies but men did enjoy it too.

“This is a great cocktail and anyone can enjoy it. You can have it while snacking on finger treats such as biltong, wings, sausages and even seafood platters,” he said.

On how many of the Bongi cocktails one could swig, Bongi said that all depended on one’s tolerance for alcohol but he recommended at least 3 but 4 would be pushing it.

“We have an alcohol policy that we strictly adhere to. Mostly to our regulars, if we see that you have gone beyond your limit, we stop serving you, secure your car keys and hire you a taxi home. While for those whom we are not so familiar with we stop serving and simply ask you to leave,” said Bongi.

If you have an establishment and think your drink has what it takes to be profiled send an email to [email protected] or WhatsApp 0772337433

REMEMBER alcohol is not for sale to persons under the age of 18 and let’s not forget to drink responsibly.

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