DStv features local wedding

14 Jun, 2016 - 02:06 0 Views
DStv features local wedding

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Bongani Ndlovu Showbiz Correspondent
A NEW show, Wedding Diaries on which Zimbabwean couples share their experiences, frustrations and memorable moments before and after their wedding day, has begun airing on DStv’s Zambezi Magic, channel 160. The first episode aired on June 5 and the show’s 13 episodes will be aired every Sunday. This week’s second episode featured Charles and Shingi Mugaviri who celebrated their silver jubilee by sharing pictures of where they met and got married and people got to know that Charles met Shingi in a shop in Gweru while buying shoes.

Wedding Diaries’ first segment kicks off with the featured couple sharing about how they met, how they fell in love, how the husband proposed and how she felt. Also in the first segment, the couple talks about their wedding, like what where the high and lows of the day.

In the second segment it’s “The Couple’s Game” where they ask each other questions that they have to answer truthfully. In the last segment there’s advice that’s given to the couple by a wedding planner Kevin Zhou and relationship advice by Evan Mawarire.

The show’s producer Blessing Chinanga said: “Wedding Diaries is about highlighting couple’s wedding stories in a light, fun way. We’ve mixed old and new couples to show how marriage is and those watching can get tips on hour to find love,” said Chinanga. He said the show has no celebrities as they want to tell the story of ordinary Zimbabweans who are married.

“For the first season the couples were handpicked. They came to the studios in Mount Pleasant in Harare and we shot their stories. I believe for the next season we shall ask people to write in and tell us their stories about their weddings,” said Chinanga.

He said there were many interesting and diverse views by people on marriage. “Happy couples are always eager to share their life journey together. You’ll be surprised to know one or two things from these people who have been married for a long time,” said Chinanga.

Maybe taking a cue from South Africa’s Our Perfect Wedding that is very popular, Wedding Diaries has the potential to have a lot of followers in the country as it will tell stories of people that they can identify with.

For those who may have missed the show it will rerun on the same channel at 6:30PM tonight. Next week the show will feature Tanaka and Tafadzwa.

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