Dynamos board chairman snub Kamba camp


Paul Mundandi, Harare Bureau
DYNAMOS board chairman, Bernard Marriot, has dismissed any prospects of joining hands with a rebel faction led by Ernest Kamba.

On Monday, the Kamba faction issued a statement in which they appeared to be reaching out to Marriot and his group.

“In the interest of Dynamos FC (Pvt) Ltd we embrace Marriot’s honourable decision, we call upon all Dynamos sons, including our most wonderful supporters, to rally behind this AGM,” said the statement.

“We give this AGM maximum support and seize that golden opportunity for our reconciliation and for the reconstruction of the team so that we bring back the glamour and glory.

“Let’s allow the AGM to unite us for a good common course. Let’s achieve and bring shame to the prophets of doom and voices of doubt.”

But Marriot said Kamba and his team were not part of the club.

“They are not in the equation. We don’t need them and I just urge them kuti vaite zvinhu zvavo vega. Let them hold their own AGM and must not use our name (Dynamos),” said Marriot.

“People also need to know that Kamba is not a board member.

“The proposed place for the AGM is a private property so it means it’s not open to trespassers and who ever dare to trespass will be prosecuted.

“They are not welcome and Dynamos is not just for people from the streets.

“If OK Stores board members are holding a meeting they can’t just accept people from the streets to be part of them. We have order at Dynamos and the AGM is for members and not for Kamba and his crew.

“If they come to the stadium they must pay because they are fighting us. I will never work with such people unless they come and apologise and they must not do that through the newspapers.

“They don’t know who registered the company called Dynamos Football Club. We sacked Ernest (Kamba) and Isdore Sagwete in 2002 for holding illegal meetings. In 2005 they lured (Richard) Chiminya to a meeting at Courtney Hotel but he later came in and apologised in 2006 and he became part of us.

“Kamba is fond of holding illegal meetings but the truth is he will never win even if they approach the courts they will still lose.”

Marriott said he has mellowed over the years.

“I was once a gangster and I enjoyed street fighting besides being a former boxer myself. Tampering with the people’s team (Dynamos) could have seen me beating them,” said Marriot.

“I am now an elder at the church and fighting is no longer my game and that is the reason why I at times choose to be quiet when they say their foolish statements in ‘their’ newspapers.

“Dynamos will not die and we are doing all we can to have the team back to its glory days and fans should not panic as we have a lot in store.”

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