EcoCash integrates with banks as it widens it USD wallet footprint

Business Reporter

ECOCASH, Zimbabwe’s leading mobile financial services platform, says it has integrated its USD wallet with seven banks in the country, allowing millions of EcoCash and bank customers to be able transfer US dollars from their EcoCash USD wallet into their FCA bank accounts and vice versa.

Customers will also be able to conveniently make payments to merchants, such as supermarkets and other service providers, including Zesa.

In a statement, EcoCash said its USD wallet is now linked to Steward Bank, Stanbic Bank, BancABC, ZB Bank, POSB, National Building Society (NBS) and Nedbank, with more banks expected to be integrated this month as the demand for the service grows.

“We are glad to let our customers and the market know that we have so far integrated the popular USD wallet with seven banks in the country and are currently working to conclude integration with more banks.

“We are delighted with the level of collaboration we have been having with all the banks and the collective desire we share to empower our mutual customers with convenient and seamless financial service,” reads the statement.

With the integration, bank and EcoCash customers will now be able to conveniently move their US dollar funds from their EcoCash wallets directly into their bank accounts, and vice versa.

“The integration will eliminate the inconvenience of having to go to a bank branch to deposit or withdraw cash. It also makes it easy for EcoCash users to pay for goods and services at major retails stores, supermarkets and any merchants, using their EcoCash USD wallet,” said the company.

EcoCash channel partners, such as merchants and billers, sole traders, SMEs and big corporates, will now be able to instantly transfer funds into their respective bank accounts, once they receive USD payments via the EcoCash USD wallet, it added.

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