‘ED a leader, not a ruler’

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‘ED a leader, not a ruler’ President ED Mnangagwa

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President ED Mnangagwa

President ED Mnangagwa

Elita Chikwati in Gokwe
ZANU-PF secretary for war veterans Cde Victor Matemadanda has urged Zimbabweans to vote for President Mnangagwa on July 30 as he is an exemplary leader who pursues national interests.

He said this while addressing Zanu-PF supporters at Cheziya community hall at Gokwe Centre yesterday.

Cde Matemadanda said Zimbabwe used to be under rulers since the Smith regime and President Mnangagwa was different as he was a leader who considered other people when making decisions. “There is a difference between a ruler and a leader. Since the Ian Smith regime until the end of Mugabe regime, Zimbabwe was under a ruler.

“A ruler is selfish and makes decisisons without considering how the decisions will impact on other people’s lives.

“Now we have a leader who is a team player. He is part of the team he leads and we will never go wrong. He is is a fellow war veteran. Mugabe was a detainee who refused to become a war veteran that is why he did not understand war veterans concerns, “ said Cde Matemadanda.

He urged people to vote for Zanu-PF.

“This is not the time to belong to the NPF or independent candidates. These were once G40 and Gamatox and will not take us anywhere,” added Cde Matemadanda.

Speaking at the same function, Midlands Minister of State, Cde Owen Ncube urged people to campaign peacefully for the ruling party as pronounced by President Mnangagwa.

“You should not vote for NPF as its members especially Grace Mugabe insulted people. Vote for a party that has a history and follows proper procedures when rising to power. It was clear from the start that President Mnangagwa would succeed President Mugabe but things had gone wrong and the former

President wanted to give his wife the post. We could not allow that, “ he said.

“We should urge churches, vendors and students from colleges to vote for Zanu PF.”

Cde Ncube said some independent candidates in Gokwe South and North were on a mission to divide votes. “Let us persuade voters. Independent candidates are holding meetings at night but that will not deter us. Let us be peaceful. All those perpetrating violence do not belong to us. They may be infiltrators bent on tarnishing our party.

When campaigning let us put the President first. Let us vote for Zanu-PF Member of Parliament, senator and councillors,” he said.

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