Eden Lang readies single spotlighting long distance relationships

Mbulelo Mpofu, [email protected]

AS Valentine’s Day approaches, many people are in a festive mood, celebrating love and romance. But for some, this time of the year is also a reminder of the distance and separation from their loved ones. This is the case for many Zimbabweans who have left the country for greener pastures, and for those who remain behind. Zimbabwean pop musician, Eden Lang, understands this pain and has dedicated her latest single, “Maiwee,” to those in long distance relationships.

“Maiwee,” which will be released on February 23, is a song that captures the emotions of loss and grief that couples face when they are apart due to work commitments. The song resonates with both the diaspora community and the locals in Zimbabwe, as it tells a story of coping with the agony of missing someone dearly. The song also serves as a catalyst for healing and a reminder to cherish the bonds and friendships that are dear to us. It encourages us to reach out to long-lost friends, reconcile with family members, express feelings to a crush, or simply treat loved ones with more kindness before it’s too late.

Eden Lang is not only a pop star, but also a talented songwriter. She is known for her melodic vocals and her ability to evoke deep emotions in her listeners. Her music takes them on an emotional journey, combining soaring guitars, tender falsettos, and passionate drums to create a musical and visual paradise where imagination knows no bounds. She told Chronicle Showbiz that her storytelling capabilities are influenced by alternative/Indie musicians.

“I am greatly influenced by songwriters like Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones and Tori Kelly. I appreciate how they write about meaningful, deep things and how they make music for people who really listen, you know?

“I hope my music helps people to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope it inspires people to keep following their dreams and to be their authentic selves,” she said.

As a storyteller, Eden Lang uses her music to convey the struggles faced by people in various walks of life. While drawing inspiration from her own experiences, she also creates worlds and narratives within her lyrics. Her compact catalogue explores profound life topics such as social justice, religion, death, relationships, and heartbreak. In a similar vein to artistes like Lorde, Taylor Swift, and Hozier, she manages to express difficult emotions in a relatable and accessible way, without resorting to melodrama. Her discography includes “Glue,” “Days,” “Not My Father,” “Don’t,” “Hurt Good,” “Stronger Than You Think,” and “Who We Are.” It offers the perfect soundtrack for various moments and moods, whether you’re driving down a highway at night, reminiscing about past relationships, or contemplating the meaning of life by a crackling fire.

Eden Lang


Lines like “I’ve been walking in circles around the same potholes in the avenues” can be interpreted literally as a griever’s weariness with their familiar surroundings or symbolically as the regret over past mistakes that led to the end of a failed relationship. The word “Maiwee” itself, a popular Shona term expressing shock, discontent, sadness, or excitement, encapsulates the overall sentiment Eden conveys throughout the song.

While “Maiwee” is a complex story born from pure imagination, Eden Lang hopes that its message reaches listeners who are experiencing similar grief. She aims to offer solidarity and comfort through her lyrics and melodies, reminding individuals that they are not alone in their struggles. She also hopes that her music will inspire people to cherish each other during this time of the year, especially those in long distance relationships.

In January, she was ceremonially announced as part of the 2024 cohort of the Scripts and Bars Accelerator programme. This programme, delivered by Kay Media Africa in partnership with Reprezent (UK) and supported by the British Council Creative Economy program, aims to empower creative entrepreneurs through workshops, mentorship, collaboration, and networking opportunities. Eden Lang is one of the promising talents who will benefit from this programme, and she is looking forward to developing her skills and expanding her network.

Eden’s Lang participation in the programme will further enhance her skills and contribute to the growth of her artistic career and business.


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