EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let’s heed the President’s call to grow the economy

25 Nov, 2017 - 02:11 0 Views
EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let’s heed the President’s call to grow the economy

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Zimbabwe yesterday opened a new chapter following the swearing in of Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as the new President of Zimbabwe. Cde Mnangagwa took over from Cde Robert Mugabe who resigned on Tuesday after 37 years in office. It is a dawn of a new era for Zimbabwe which welcomed its third President but the second executive since independence in 1980.

It is instructive as the nation celebrates the new political dispensation, to take heed of Cde Mnangagwa’s call on the eve of his inauguration for everybody to desist from any retribution. This is the time for Zimbabweans to close ranks as the nation focuses on growing the economy for the benefit of its citizens.

It is a fact that citizens have been at each other’s throats as a result of machinations of the infamous G40 cabal which relished disorder not only in the ruling party, Zanu-PF, but even in Government. Conflicting statements were issued and important Government programmes and projects trashed by these uncouth individuals for self-aggrandisement.

Now is the time to bury the hatchet and join hands to build Zimbabwe because we have an obligation to bequeath to future generations a prosperous Zimbabwe. Our differences, as already alluded to, were largely as a result of the manoeuvres of this G40 cabal which must be completely weeded out from our midst as we chart a new way forward. We have said before that the focus now should be on making Zimbabwe work again as a united nation.

The mission is very simple — to turn around our economy while enjoying peace and tranquility. Zimbabwe is a member of the global village and what is encouraging is that many international organisations and individual countries have pledged to support the new political dispensation.

The African Union, the European Union, Sadc and countries such as China and Britain have said they are ready to work with the new leadership in improving the people’s welfare.  The President, Cde Mnangagwa, has said he is looking forward to joining all Zimbabweans in a new era where corruption, incompetency, dereliction of duty, laziness, social and cultural decadency are not tolerated.

It is therefore incumbent upon each and every Zimbabwean to play his or her role in growing the economy and making Zimbabwe a better place to live.

Zimbabwe is endowed with both natural resources and human skills that are sought after the world over and what is needed is just commitment and shared vision.

The farmers demonstrated during the last season that given the necessary support they have the capacity to produce not just for the national consumption but even surplus for export. Most silos are already full and the target next cropping season is to produce for export.

We want to once again implore the business community, farmers, workers and Zimbabweans in general to work hard so that each and every family has food on the table. It is Zimbabweans who should take the lead in investing in the different sectors of the economy. Foreign investment while very welcome, should just come in to complement local investment.


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