Eight common beliefs men have concerning women

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Eight common beliefs men have concerning women Photo credit: dreamstime

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Below are most of the common beliefs that I have found men have about women and their corresponding Biblical truth. I choose to call these “water-pot beliefs”.

  1. “She is never satisfied.” In all honestly women are always looking for ways to make circumstances better. Do not take her suggestions as a complaint or a criticism. Women desire to make the relationship the best that it can be.


  1. “A strong woman does not need a man to take care of her.” Everyone needs to be loved and taken care of and to feel like they are needed. Even if a woman can change the oil in a car and even if she has a doctorate degree, she will still ask for help from the man in her life. A wife needs her husbands support, and to feel his strength and protection. Do not ever stop asking, “What can I do for you my wife?”, because it shows her that you care.

  1. “Women only want to control men.” It is not about control. It is about love. When a woman sees a man hurting, struggling or overwhelmed. Her goal as a wife is to help, not to control. Allow her to give you a helping hand.

  1. “Keeping a woman requires a lot of hard work, time and money.” A serious relationship requires a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and time. You should not look at it as a burden! A wife is always appreciative at the effort her spouse puts into the relationship.


  1. “Jealousy and possessiveness are part of a woman.” Women are very protective of what belongs to them. They protect whatever they value, especially when it comes to relationships. Men believe that women do not trust them but that is not the case. She is guarding her relationship and you are too precious to her for her to allow anything bad to happen to you and your relationship.


  1. “Women are emotional.” Men tend to hide their emotions, women do not. They say what is on their minds and share what they are going through. There is nothing wrong with emotions, we all have them. Being in touch with emotions causes women to be sensitive and caring that is why men love them.

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