Elderly bust dance moves as Cotton Club throws party for Chinotimba Old People’s Home

Leonard Ncube, Online Reporter

LAST Thursday 14 September may linger as the best day ever, in the minds of imamates at Chinotimba Old People’s Home in Victoria Falls after a local leisure club hosted a dinner night for them.

Chinotimba Old People’s Home has 11 inmates and a majority of them who do not need to be carried out attended the dinner hosted by Cotton Club as part of corporate social responsibility and fundraising for the home.

This is the second time Cotton Club has hosted such an event since it opened its doors to the public on 2 July 2022, and the first dinner was on 22 December when the club threw a Christmas party for the elderly at the same venue.

Cotton Club Victoria Falls is a vibrant Zimbabwean youth owned business venture born out of the National Development Strategy (NDS1) vision where some youth decided to venture into an outdoor lounge cum bar.

The night started with a dinner for the elderly where they were served a sumptuous meal and drinks, before the floor was opened for them to dance to old school music which surely reminded them of their heydays.

There were several activities including a pop-a balloon competition where there were lots of prizes.

Guests included a cross section of Victoria Falls residents and businesspersons.

A local doctor pledged to offer occasional free dental services to check on teeth of all the elderly at Chinotimba Old People’s Home.

Those who could still dance and have one or two bottles of beer enjoyed the night until they were released around 10pm to go and rest while guests remained behind for several other activities to raise funds for the home.

The activities included bachelor’s auctions where some male and female individuals were literally auctioned to the public and all money generated will go towards charity.

One of the founders of the Cotton Club Mr Kuda Chigoma said the event is one of many initiatives by the club as part of corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community.

“We are more than just a venue for party goers and dance enthusiasts as we believe that providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our patrons and residents is our utmost priority. At our lounge, we make sure we work collaboratively with Government and other stakeholders to ensure that our community benefits from our presence.

“As Cotton House we believe CSR are essential for businesses to give back to the community and create a positive impact. We have taken up several initiatives to help the local community. So this was meant to give back to the community by bringing a smile to our elderly people housed at the Old People’s Home. We also understand the importance of giving back to our community and regularly engage in charitable initiatives that support local causes and organisations,” said Mr Chigoma.

He said Cotton Club is undertaking a broiler chicken project which focuses on empowering youth and women in the community.

The project involves providing training, resources and funding to start small scale broiler chicken farms

Creates employment and provides a source of income thereby addressing poverty and abuse of substances.

The club is also a source of employment for the community with 27 staff and 20 casuals that come when demand is high.

Speaking on behalf of the community and Old People’s Home, Ms Yvonne Jandles who accompanied the elderly said the gesture was a welcome development.

“It was a great evening outgoing for residents of Chinotimba Old People’s home as they were hosted for dinner and live music by the Cotton House team at their annual fundraiser for the home. We would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the Cotton Club team for this wonderful gesture which certainly put smiles on the oldies faces as they danced and reminisced on days gone by,” she said.


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