EMA fines mining company in Binga for operating without environmental assessment certificate Environmental Management Agency (EMA)

Leonard Ncube, [email protected]

THE Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has reportedly slapped a new miner that is exploring for coal in Binga with a US$5 000 ticket for mining without an environmental impact assessment certificate.

BEETEE Syndicate was also slapped with a US$500 ticket for unsafely storing fuel in plastic containers.

Chronicle understands that BEETEE Syndicate started operations in Kalungwizi area in Binga in 2023 thought after partnering with Labenmon Investments Pvt ltd, who once had an issue with Rio Zim over the mining claim and the matter went to court.

The mine is now operating as BEETEE Syndicate.

The mine manager, Mr Salimu Garandi confirmed the fines and said corrective measures had been taken before the punishment.

“We had already stopped mining. On Monday we did a stakeholders consultation and yesterday we were on site with local stakeholders while our consultant is still at the mine site as we speak,” said Mr Garandi.

He said initial plans was to commission the mine by end of this month which was however delayed by some logistical challenges.

“We were supposed to have done stakeholders meeting in March with a target to commission the mine by end of May this year but because of these delays we would push to June. As for operations, we have done conversion as the mine was for graphite and later coal,” he said.

Labenmon Investments owns 30 percent shareholding while BEETTEE holds 70 percent.

Environment, Climate and Environment Minister Dr Sithembiso Nyoni last week said Government was on a countrywide crusade assessing all mining activities in an effort to reduce environmental degradation and pollution and said EMA was mandated to follow up on all claims and communities.


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