Embrace Ndebele dancehall- artist

08 Aug, 2022 - 12:08 0 Views
Embrace Ndebele dancehall- artist Lassy Ndlovu

The Chronicle

Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Correspondent

LOCAL singer Lassy Ndlovu aka Problem Child has urged his followers to embrace Ndebele dancehall, which according to him, has been receiving little attention from the public.

He told Chronicle Showbiz that the audience has been hesitant to embrace this genre.

“Although some people still show positive interest towards Ndebele dancehall, I feel like it is not getting the much-deserved recognition that it deserves. It is good music hence it should get equal enthusiasm as other music genres. That is why I encourage our audience to embrace it.

“I started my music career in 2000 by then I was part of a group called Fresh juice, a hip hop ragga group which did well in South Africa. We worked with big well-known artists such as Ringo. We toured many provinces in South Africa under the name Fresh juice. We then later founded a clothing label called fresh juice which is currently doing well across Southern Africa,” he said.

Lassy said he is working on a new banger.

“I then came and relocated here in Zimbabwe. This time I started doing music as a solo artist. I do Ndebele dancehall which is better known as ragga mthwakazi.  I have worked with producers in the country like Mjox ,Nash Dj Shackers to name a few. I have also performed in big city events which include Intwasa As well as the summer and the winter carnivals.

“Recently I managed to do a video in South Africa that was sponsored by fresh juice brands and Ringo Madhlingozi but it is still to be released. I am pushing 3 tracks which I finished recording namely Sibangqobile, Ngeke basenze lutho and do I look like you,” Lassy said.

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