Emotional Healing Part 1

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Emotional Healing Part 1

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I lead a church that is a center for prophetic direction, healing and deliverance. People come from all over the world with different types of sicknesses.

We pray for them and they receive healing in Jesus’ name. But even as they are healed, there is something that I have come to realise that is still lacking in their lives. There is an area which has hardly been touched called emotional healing. Most people who are sick today, are not really sick physically, but they are sick emotionally which is worse and more intense than a physical problem.

What Are Emotions?
Emotions are feelings and affections in a person’s soul. When you see a person that is suffering on the streets and you get upset or feel pity for them, that is an emotion! When you see a person in pain and it touches your heart it shows you are a human being. You have emotions that can be touched by outward circumstances. The mind is important because the way your mind reacts to a situation largely depends on how your mind interprets it. We have emotionally ill people in marriages in the church today. The behaviour and personalities that you see even in some leaders all emanate from these psychic motors called emotions.

Emotions are psychic (psychological) responses to experiences of our inner or outer worlds. Thus a sudden noise can make someone afraid, an insult can make one angry; that is what we call psychic responses. These psychic motors move us to react, and to take certain action like fighting or bursting out in anger.  The mind is very important here so how we react or respond emotionally to a situation depends largely on the way our mind is structured and how our mind interprets it. How a particular situation is played out in our mind differs from person to person. Emotions are located in the soulish realm of a person. Unlike animals, a person is made up of three important components namely, spirit, soul and body. Emotional problems are triggered by how you were brought up negatively or positively.

God Bless…

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