Family in turmoil following son’s disappearance Thabani Mhlanga with his wife Pretty

Chronicle Reporter

A MATOBO family has alleged that their son has since gone missing following his political activities in the district and since called upon for anyone with information that could lead to his location.

The Mhlanga family from Zamanyoni village in Matobo district says their son, Thabani Mhlanga was an active member of the Mthwakazi Republic Party and had since attracted the wrath of authorities following his activities both in the district and in Bulawayo.

Thabani is the nephew to renowned playwright, Cont Mhlanga.

In an interview with this publication, one of Thabani’s uncles revealed that he had been a known member of the secessionist party, actively involved in recruiting new party members and participating in demonstrations organised by the party.

“He has been a member of the Mthwakazi party for some time having graduated from Cont’s tutelage where he would at times hold village plays in support of the Mthwakazi party. He was the one also responsible for recruiting new party members, here in Zamanyoni and also in Bulawayo where he stayed with his wife Pretty Mhlanga and Mbundane suburb.

“Due to his activities he had been arrested numerous times although the cases did not stick in most cases and were eventually dropped. At times he would disappear for some days and come back badly beaten but he remained resilient in his quest to support this party,” said the uncle who declined to be named.

He revealed that now Thabani had gone missing with no trace on his possible whereabouts which had prompted them to raise alarm as it had now been over a week.

“Usually he would go missing for a couple of days but now it’s been over a week, his phone is not going through and the police are claiming they have no such person in their custody. In the run up to his disappearance he had informed his wife and friends that there were some people he suspected of following him but they had dismissed it as just a mere coincidence.

“We now appeal that if anyone might know his whereabouts to please assist us because we are now worried. If his disappearance is linked to his political activities we call upon to whoever might have him to consider that he is a family man,” said the uncle.


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