Family needs help for son’s ear surgery

16 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views
Family needs help for son’s ear surgery Mr Simba Manhingi with his son

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Mr Simba Manhingi with his son

Mr Simba Manhingi with his son

Thandeka Moyo, Chronicle Reporter
A FAMILY from Bulawayo is seeking financial assistance to help their two-year-old son who has malformed ears undergo surgery.

The boy was born with abnormal ears and needs a hearing aid to activate his sense of hearing.

Public institutions do not offer the service hence the family needs to raise $4 220 for an operation scheduled for this Friday at a private hospital.

“We have tried raising funds and so far we only have $1 200. We could not access the service elsewhere at our local health institutions as they do not have the required specialists and equipment,” said Mr Simba Manhingi, the boy’s father.

“We eventually found help at AudioMax in Harare and they need their full payment before they do the surgery on Friday,” he said.

According to a quotation from the institution, the boy needs $3 890 for the stick on bone anchored hearing aid.

“We also need Adhear accessories, head band, an adapter and retention clip which are all valued at $4 220. We desperately need to help him so that he can hear just like every normal child,” Mr Manhingi said.

The family stays in Nkulumane at House number 8121.

“We can also be reached on +263 784279540 or +263783301926 and we hope we will find favour in the eyes of the public,” said Mr Manhingi.


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