Fifa begins probe on match fixing claims raised by top Zim ref Allen Basvi

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Acting Sports Editor
WORLD football governing body Fifa have begun formal investigations on the match fixing allegations raised by top referee Allen Basvi in which he accuses a member of the Zifa Refereess Committee of using his position to coerce referees into deciding the outcome of matches.

Basvi is an attested member of the Zimbabwe National Army.

In emailed correspondence to the referee, the Fifa investigators confirmed to him that they had received the letter and asked for a copy of the letter which he sent to the Zifa chief executive officer Joseph Mamutse. In terms of Fifa statutes, it is being complicit if a complaint is lodged and the officer that the complaint was sent to chooses to ignore it. Mamutse apparently never responded to Basvi’s letter of complaint, including to sexual harassment complaint letters from female referees.

“Could you also share with us a copy of the complaint letter you sent to the Zifa CEO and the Sports and Recreational Committee director. Are you aware of other referees being approached in order to throw away matches? If yes, do you think they would also be willing to talk to us and share possible evidence?

In your letter, you made reference to the following matches. Please confirm that these are the matches that you were referring to in your letter as well as that the indicated dates and teams are correct. October 4, 2019 Talen Vision v BCC (0,1), October 13, 2019, Caps United v Hwange (3,1), November 3,2019, Hwange v Mushowani (1,0), December 11, 2019, Dynamos v Harare City (1,3). Please also let us know in case there were further matches where you were asked to influence the course or result of the match,” wrote Fifa.

They also thanked the referee for providing audio evidence where the official was calling him with the instructions to influence the results of the said matches. He provided 12 audios.

“In connection with the situation reported by you, it would be much appreciated if you could further support us with the following; 1. In regards to your letter dated October 12, 2020 and the received audio files (no.1-12), it would be great if you could identify which audio files belong to which which paragraph of the letter (A-F). This would help putting the audio files in the respective context. 2.

In paragraph F of the letter, you also mention a Whatsapp conversation. Would you be able to also share copies (print screens) of the said conversation with us”?

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