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Firm seeks endorsement of cost effective houses

28 Sep, 2012 - 00:09 0 Views

The Chronicle


The managing director of Environchem Enterprises, Mr Enos Denhere, said they were in discussions with the Ministry of PublicWorks and other relevant authorities to endorse the cost effective houses made from ceramic and metal columns as these could go a long way in solving the housing crisis in the country.

He said once approved, they would talk to local authorities about building the houses which can cost about 4 000 euros (about  $5 000) to complete.

Mr Denhere said the houses, which were developed by a Spanish company, Blocerba, were cheaper than the conventional brick and mortar houses.

He said the ceramic house was built using metal columns and beams with high resistance ceramic cladding.

Mr Denhere said the houses also took a few days to complete unlike conventional houses which need up to two weeks for the foundation to set.

He said his company was promoting two types of prefabricated houses — ceramic and light steel.

“The houses are durable and can last a generation,” he said.

He said a DVD of the houses was shown during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair this year.

“We have had meetings with (housing)  co-operatives who have shown a lot of interest. But in Zimbabwe you cannot build without approval of regulatory authorities,” he said.

He said the houses were ideal for property developers, mines and schools as well as individuals and can be configured to meet different needs.

He said the technology was already in use in some parts of Africa including Benin and Nigeria.

He said if approved, the blocks to build the houses would come from Spain unless a local supplier can be identified.

The country has a huge housing waiting list with Bulawayo alone having more than 100 000 people in need of houses.

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