Forex only school fees illegal Dr Evelyn Ndlovu Minister of Primary and Secondary Education

Lizzy Nekhoma, [email protected]

GOVERNMENT has said it is illegal for schools to demand fees exclusively in forex as the Zimbabwe dollar remains legal tender in all transactions in the country.

 In a press statement, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education said parents should be allowed to pay fees in local currency calculated against the prevailing bank rate.

“The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has noted with concern the demand for school fees and levies in USD by school authorities. For this reason, all public and private schools must accept all forms of currency payment obtained in the country for school fees and levies. Therefore, the demand to receive payment exclusively in USD is not permissible and is contrary to the laws of the land. For the record, the Zimbabwe dollar is still the legal tender in the country,” the Ministry said.

“As a matter of fact, no school; public or private should charge fees without the approval of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.”

The statement said the Education Ministry remains committed to the education of all pupils at institutions that provide primary and secondary education.

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