Former manager to reveal Dhewa’s secrets

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Former manager to reveal Dhewa’s secrets The late Tongai Moyo

The Chronicle

Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent
After the death of sungura maestro Tongai Moyo on October 15, 2011, his son Peter Moyo, despite being a footballer took over the Utakataka Express Band which he has managed to keep afloat despite facing a lot of challenges.

When he took over, some of his late father’s band members like Shiga Shiga (chanter) and Spencer Khumulani (bass guitarist), abandoned the ship as they could not adjust to Peter’s management style. Even Tongai’s long-time manager and nephew, Knowledge Chosa, did not have any place in Peter’s relatively newly assembled line up. The ex-manager together with some of the seasoned artistes who had dumped Peter, joined forces and formed Express Zvakatsetseka with Chosa being the lead vocalist.

And now, Chosa claims he is in possession of the late sungura guru’s secrets saying he appears in his dreams where the two talk. He said those dreams cannot go to pass so he intends to reveal the secrets in an album — Pfimbi yaIgwee which he hopes to release soon. The album, his second offering, is set to be launched in Mbizo at The Club with the assistance of former Tongai’s sound engineer, Sukol Dube.

To make the album a masterpiece, Chosa has roped in Tongai’s instrumentalists Musaope Nikoma and Mhondoro.

“I thought of grouping those guys who were discarded by Peter and I came up with my own group Express Zvakatsetseka. I’m not competing with anyone, but simply relaying messages that I receive from Tongai.”

His first album, Tinosvika Chete, released in 2014, did not turn heads but the 40-year-old father of six reckons his latest offering will leave everyone convinced that indeed, Tongai’s music leaves on.

“The six-track album has songs that contain messages from Tongai. I shared a lot of secrets with Tongai whom I travelled a lot with as he was also my uncle.

“I also talk to him when he visits me during my dreams so I intend to share these secrets and messages through this offering,” said Chosa.

He said he initially wanted to release the album last week in honour of the late musician but failed to do so because of financial constraints. He said he would soon reveal a date for the release.

On his relationship with Peter, Chosa said the two were in good books and were actually planning to release a track together.

“I don’t have any problem with him. Every time he visits Zhombe to see Chihera, he comes to my farm and we have a great time. I’m also in good books with Ronnie Mudindo, Tongai’s former bassist,” said Chosa.

Besides music, Chosa runs a farm in Sessombe area in Zhombe.

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