Founders High pregnancy scandal sucks in 3 teachers

21 Jul, 2017 - 02:07 0 Views
Founders High pregnancy scandal sucks in 3 teachers

The Chronicle


Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
THREE male teachers at Founders High School in Bulawayo have been implicated in a scandal where six pupils are said to be pregnant.

The revelation comes as the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has instituted an investigation over alleged pregnancy cases at the school.

On Wednesday The Chronicle reported that a whistle blower wrote to Bulawayo’s acting Provincial Education Director Mrs Olicah Kaira, informing her about the alleged pregnancies.

The Chronicle is in possession of the leaked letter that was sent to the ministry which implicates three male teachers in the scandal.

The names of three teachers and even those of former pupils who allegedly fell pregnant due to sexual relationships with their tutors are revealed in the letter.

“Firstly there are three male teachers at Founders High School (names supplied) who have over the years been having love affairs with pupils particularly A-Level girls. Of particular concern is that some of the girls have left the school pregnant,” reads the letter.

It is further claimed in the letter that one of the teachers is conducting the banned extra lessons, charging each pupil $50.  Those who cannot pay the money are forced to offer sexual favours to him.

“Those girls that do not afford the fee are given the option of paying in kind. One of the teachers told the students that ongafuni legwayi lakhe uzafeyila (those who do not want to offer sexual favours are going to fail)” the letter reads.

The whistle blower alleges that some of the teachers even teach while drunk, inviting pupils to their cars.

The whistle blower claims that efforts to engage the school’s leadership have not yielded success.

“There is a lack of quality leadership at the school as most of the time is wasted conducting unnecessary kangaroo courts and victimisation of staff. This information is just a tip of the iceberg as most of the concerns could not be documented. We hope for a better school and we appeal that investigations are thoroughly done so justice is met,” reads the letter.

On Tuesday, Mrs Kaira confirmed receiving the letter saying the ministry has started investigating the matter.

“All I can say is that we received the allegations through an anonymous letter. And we have already constituted an investigating team to get to the school to unravel the allegations, come up with findings and recommendations, then I will know the next course of action to take,” said Mrs Kaira.—@nqotshili.

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