Four day old survives gas stove explosion Gas-tank-explosion

Online Reporter

A four-day-old infant escaped death by a whisker after a gas stove exploded, blowing off the roof of the house that he was living in.

The cause of the explosion that left the boy and his sister burnt was their father who had sprayed an insect killer and lit the gas stove, Police said on Twitter.

“The ZRP is investigating a gas explosion incident which occurred on 06/06/23 at a certain house in Glen Norah A, Harare where a gas stove exploded resulting in the dining room’s roof being blown off.

“As a result the informant, his son (4 days) and daughter (19) who were in the room sustained burns and a four plate stove as well as a refrigerator were burnt beyond recognition. The informant had sprayed an insect killer in the room before he lit the gas stove.”

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