Ashley Phiri, [email protected]

Four Masvingo men, Patrick Chinhanga (51), Raphael Mtetwa (18), Tynos Chiundo (20), and Takudzwa Chihava (19), have been found guilty of three counts of robbery by the Masvingo Magistrates’ Court.

In a statement, the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ), said the court heard that the accused robbed three separate men in Masvingo between April 10 and May 9, 2024, using an okapi knife as a weapon.

In the first incident, the accused targeted a complainant walking along a road in Runyararo West. The men were later apprehended for a separate robbery and the victim identified them in an identification parade.

“On May 6th, around 6:45 PM, the accused approached Malvin Musara from behind as he walked along a road behind Steelmakers. They threatened Mr. Musara with the okapi knife, forcing him off the road and into nearby bushes. The accused stole US$20 and his cellphone.

“Their final robbery occurred around 1:00 AM on May 9th. They targeted Archford Muruva as he walked along a road connecting the Craft Center and Mucheke Area A. They stole property valued at USD170 before fleeing the scene. Responding to Mr. Muruva’s report, the police pursued the accused, apprehending them near the crime scene,” said the NPAZ.

A total of US$477 was stolen across the three robberies, and only US$190 was recovered.

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