From Canada with love: Nyabadza doing the most for the poor

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From Canada with love: Nyabadza doing the most for the poor

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Innocent Kurira, Sports Reporter
CANADA-based philanthropist Collin Nyabadza visits his country of birth, Zimbabwe, after every two years and every time he sets foot in his motherland he makes it a point that he transforms lives.

Some of the Bubi Rural District children who are beneficiaries of the Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust


Nyabadza, a former teacher at Tjewondo Primary School in Maphisa, Matabeleland South province, is driven by the desire to empower the rural child to bridge the gap between them and urban children.

A football person, Nyabadza has over the years sourced football equipment in Canada which he brings home and distributes to schools in Matabeleland.

Schools in Bulawayo, Imbizo, Matobo, Tsholotsho, Umzingwane and Mutasa districts have benefited in the past.

Nyabadza is in the country and this time has provided Lortondale Primary School in Bubi Rural District with football equipment including kits and playing balls.

Some of the equipment has already been delivered to the school while the other consignment is being shipped into the country.

“Every time that l come to this side, l make it a point to bring some sporting equipment.

The beautiful balls that we gave to the school were given to me by the Tim Hortons Swift Current, Canada downtown franchise.

“I walked into their shop wearing a shirt with my foundation’s logo on it.

The owner then asked me what my foundation was all about.

“I explained to him that one of the things we did was to make available things such as soccer balls, uniforms and other equipment to disadvantaged rural children in Zimbabwe.

It was then that he asked me if I would be able to take some soccer balls,” said Nyabadza.

“As for the yellow soccer uniforms, a certain gentleman in the United States bought them for me.

He also bought me several soccer balls which are still in transit to Zimbabwe.

“The balls, we donated together with the kit, are suitable for Grade One to Three kids.

Personally, I’ve realised that when it comes to school’s soccer these little ones are usually left behind as only Grade Six and Seven are often considered.

Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT)

“The Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT) plans to change by sourcing equipment for these little ones too as it is their right too to access school sports and soccer.

Many thanks to Tim Hortons Swift Current staff.

Many thanks too to Phil in the USA.”

Mr Nyabadza expressed gratitude to his team which he said worked tirelessly despite the fact that they are volunteers.

“I really want to pay tribute to my team at the CNCVCT for their dedication, devotion and passion towards helping disadvantaged rural children of Zimbabwe.

I want to highlight that they all work 100 percent to ensure that every penny we receive from kind hearted people around the world goes to the children we support and not to salaries,” said Nyabadza.

He also sources funds to build classrooms at disadvantaged schools.

“On Tuesday, I visited one of my favourite rural schools in Matabeleland. I was at Zibalongwe Secondary School in Tsholotsho District.

Last week I secured a grant of £37 000 (US$44 000) from the United Kingdom for them to build a science laboratory,” said Nyabadza.

Building adequate infrastructure at institutions in rural areas will make a bigger difference than just taking one child per village to school.

That way, everyone benefits and is empowered in such a way that they are able to dream big and achieve their goals.

In 2018, CNCVCT collaborated with two British charities to donate 50 000 books to 42 primary and secondary schools as well as two local universities.

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