Gemma, Enzo Ishall drop couples prayer

27 Sep, 2022 - 11:09 0 Views
Gemma, Enzo Ishall drop couples prayer Gemma Grifiths and Enzo Ishall

The Chronicle

Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Correspondent

A Girl from Harare, Gemma Griffiths, and Zimdancehall musician Enzo Ishall on Saturday dropped a new single titled Huya Tinamate which is a prayer for couples.

Highlights of the song, produced by Chillspot Records, were released on YouTube last month and kept people curious, hence the over 100 000 YouTube views the video received in two days.

The chorus encouraging couples to pray for God’s endurance has been trending on social media platforms.

Commenting on the reception of the song by the audience, Gemma posted on her social media platforms: “Wow! Thank you so much for the first day of love on the new song! I am so glad you guys love the video. Huya Tinamate is finally here! A couples’ prayer for my beautiful Zimbabwe.

“Enzo Ishall, thank you my brother for your guidance and wisdom over the years. I am overjoyed to share this song with you.

“Shoutout to the team at Chillspot for a crazy riddim this year! Big-up to our amazing director Kyle Brown for your world-class work,” she wrote.

The video depicts a vintage scenario where the two play as a couple who rob a company and are being chased by the owners; the couples pray their way to their ultimate escape.

The single’s lyrics also urge for an end to gender-based violence as the Zimdancehall performer seeks fortitude from God to refrain from violence against women. – @SeehYvonne

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