Genius’ Rolls Royce charms Pearl Thusi

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Genius’ Rolls Royce charms Pearl Thusi

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Pearl a nd genius

South African actress Pearl Thusi found local businessman, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s new set of wheels too good to resist as she fell for the car’s charm.

Thusi, who was attending the China Africa International Film Festival in Cape Town posed before the Zimbabwean’s rare Rolls Royce which was parked at the coastal city’s One & Only luxury hotel entrance, unaware of the owner.

The actress who recently split with sports personality Robert Marawa posted the picture on her Instagram account with the hash tags #ifoundthiscarthere #imanopportunist #keepingitreal. She has 1.6 million followers on the photo sharing app.

From the picture, it looks like the Quantico star was booked at the same hotel as Ginimbi and his legion of friends who also happened to be in Cape Town at that period where they were celebrating his birthday, which has become a tradition.

Earlier in the day, Ginimbi had posted a picture of the car at the exact hotel space.

The flamboyant businessman and socialite is believed to have blown away two million rand during his three-day birthday celebrations this past weekend.

It is reported that over 120 people attended the bash with over 37 rooms booked at the expensive One & Only hotel located at the Waterfront. The hotel charges $950 a night.

In addition to booking a yacht for the 120 people in attendance last Saturday, Ginimbi hosted parties on Friday and Sunday. He also shipped six cars from Johannesburg for use in Cape Town.

Said Ginimbi: “In all, there was more than R2 million spent over the weekend and this includes what other people paid on their own, but for purposes of my birthday celebrations. The direct cost to me was up to R1.2 million while the remainder was settled by the other guys who were in the delegation.

“It cost R68 000 to ship my cars to and from Cape Town. These include two Rolls Royce, two Bentleys, one G-Class and Range Rover Lumma. We flew on South African Airways and virtually took over the business class where 38 of us occupied seats while others travelled economy class.

“The warm up party on Friday cost about R400 000 and the main event was on Saturday where we partied on the yacht, which one has to pay in advance with the food on board,” said Ginimbi.

He said they had to extend the 120 guest list after those in Cape Town had been omitted.

“There’d been worries that the weather would ruin it for us but fortunately it went well. We were supposed to be 120 but then I made a mistake as I hadn’t invited those in Cape Town who were keen to be part of it.

“So, if someone said they had a beautiful girlfriend, I’d invite them for the party so we ended up exceeding the 120 figure for the party that ran between 2pm and 9pm.”

Meanwhile, Ginimbi has dismissed as fake, an email that purportedly came from him to a lady spotted on Instagram. In the email, there is an offer of US$10 000 for a night with the lady.

“That is fake. But then that is the price I pay for being who I am, a brand that is known all over the world. I’ve nothing to do with that email and I’ll not even waste my time discussing its contents instead of enjoying what went on at my three-day party”. — Online/Showbiz Reporter

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