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Germany-based songstress Nomina goes big with Luthando Lo love track

28 Jun, 2021 - 00:06 0 Views
Germany-based songstress Nomina goes big with Luthando Lo love track Nomina

The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent
GERMANY based RnB, Soul and Pop songstress Pamela Nothando Bhulu aka Nomina is out to enchant the world with a stunning new song titled Luthando Lo that is laced with amapiano sounds.

For the past six weeks, the track that is available on digital stores has stood firm on the number one spot on the Skyz Metro FM Top 20 charts.

Beautifully sang in Ndebele and English in a sincere effort to reveal how music has the power to unite us all, the charismatic performer has quickly generated a powerful buzz around her due to her distinctive song-writing skills. She has often been compared to artistes such as Sia, Alicia Keys and Lira.

Surging with the momentum established by her singles “Fetish Daddy” and “I Still Stand” from last year, international sensation Nomina has maintained the momentum with Luthando Lo as it has revealed yet another aspect of her dynamic style.

Speaking from Germany, Nomina said the track that was released in February this year, was inspired by the need to encourage people to love each other.

“Luthando Lo literally means this is love. Through this track, I dive deep into a sonic tapestry woven from pure emotion, tapping into a spiritually uplifting sound that’s based on themes of unconditional love, unity, and respect for all.

“This single is a true example of how I’m leading the way in a revolution of sound that’s sweeping the globe and creating a pathway to better tomorrows for everyone to share and celebrate through all-inclusive songs as this one,” she said.

Nomina said Luthando Lo follows a contemporary take on a tribal rhythm, before exploring the concept of love and connection to the universe and everything in it.

“Never has there been a more relevant time to be reminded of these ideas and I make stunningly blissful work of it. Luthando Lo creates a dance-like realm of pulsating movement — presenting a trance-like state as the music builds and builds,” said Nomina. — @mthabisi_mthire.

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