Germany expert for Naaz course Athletics track

Tadious Manyepo, Harare Bureau
WELL-KNOWN Germany jumps expert Ralf Ian is expected in the country to conduct a week-long International Association of Athletics Federations Level 2 course that begins in Bulawayo tomorrow.

Zimbabwe becomes the first country on the continent to run this highly- regarded course, outside the Regional Development Centre in Kenya, where it has always been held.

The course will see 15 participants, drawn from across the country, taking part.

National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe president, Tendai Tagara, confirmed the development and expressed optimism the course will go a long way in transforming the country’s fortunes in jumps.

The coaches will be drilled in theory, oral and the planning stage.

“Ralf Ian from Germany is coming into the country where he will conduct a Level 2 jumps course for our local coaches,” said Tagara.

“His experience and hands-on approach will help develop the jumps philosophy in our coaches and ultimately improve our athletes as a country.

“Zimbabwe will be regarded as one of the leading countries in Africa in terms of coaches development.

“My philosophy is that the more coaches, the bigger the chances of capturing the abundant talent that we have.

“We will be the leading country in terms of qualified coaches, remember each country sends only one person to the Regional Development Centre for such a course and at the Regional Development Centre it comes once in 10 years or more.

“So, we have fast tracked our development. This year and last year we had a record number of qualifiers for world youth and juniors because we now have more top coaches around the country.”

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