Ginimbi single and willing to mingle

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Ginimbi single and willing to mingle

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Ginimbi and Zodwa

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One of Zimbabwe’s most trending socialites, self-styled millionaire, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure has opened up on his relationship with longstanding girlfriend Zodwa Mnkandla saying the two are no longer together.

Zodwa and Ginimbi were a power couple admired by many as they were both influential in their different trades of business, but each time Ginimbi would be surrounded by a bevy of beauties at his All White birthday parties, there would be a lot of speculation on the status of their relationship.

Speaking at a recent tour of Mutare, Ginimbi, who is known for his extravagant birthday parties and flamboyant lifestyle cleared the air.

“I’m very single, super single. I’m no longer with Zodwa.

“We were a couple for a long time for over eight years, but you know, people sometimes separate in relationships.

“We still talk, do business together, so I’d say we’re cool,” Ginimbi told the Eastern Times.

The socialite who was recently in Bulawayo was in Mutare last weekend where he made an appearance at Miss Africa University and Bar Code.

He had an entourage of about 17 people, including men and women that he booked in at Holiday Inn.

At Miss AU, he was the centre of attraction as he gave the winning princess $1 000. Also, to show that the big spender was in town, he travelled to Mutare with a fleet of four cars, a Mercedes Benz S-Class, Range Rover Lumma, 2017 edition Bentley Bentayga and the Range Rover SVR 2018 which costs over R2 million.

His associates also came with posh cars making it a convoy of top of the range cars which was difficult not to notice and make a spectacle.

Speaking on his extravagant birthday parties, making reference to his 33rd birthday party held in Cape Town last year which ran for three-days and was estimated to have cost over R2 million, Ginimbi said he did not plan for his birthday parties, but just goes with his instinct.

“I just plan that month on what I want to do for my birthday, not to say I plan for my parties in advance.

“I now feel like I don’t own my life, my life now belongs to the people and business. So if there is business I am supposed to attend to in Dubai that time, then that is where I’ll have it,” said Ginimbi.

Of late, Ginimbi has been trending on social media platforms because of the Davido concert which he is promoting.

He has become a local hero for bringing the Nigerian artiste after two failed attempts by Jah Prayzah and his music promoters — 2 Kings Entertainment.

On the staging of that show tonight in Harare, Ginimbi said everything was in order.

He also explained that Davido was a close associate of his and that is mainly the reason why he has finally agreed to come to Zimbabwe.

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