Global women technology seminar for Byo

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Global women technology seminar for Byo

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Nkosilodumo Ndebele, Business Reporter
BULAWAYO will this week host a global women technology empowerment workshop aimed at improving adoption and use of information communication technologies (ICTs) to support community development programmes.

Participants from different countries are expected to arrive in the city ahead of the inaugural event, which starts on Thursday ending on Friday.

Event organiser, Miss Wadzanayi Bwanya, said the gathering was coordinated by Women in Tech Africa (Wita), a company that is spearheading technology empowerment issues among women.

“Wita was formed with the aim of supporting women in Africa to give women skills to support their communities positively.

“The event is organised annually and at the same day in all chapter countries.

“Chapter countries are those, which are registered with the company to push forward the technology agenda,” she said.

“However, the event is run at the discretion of each chapter country but of course it has to align to the set theme and dates.”

Miss Bwanya said the first day was targeted at engaging high school female pupils while the second day would involve women of different ages.

“The theme for Thursday is ‘Teach-a-Skill’. Here, we are teaching about 70 high school girls from various schools in Bulawayo on how to implement digital skills in their studies regardless of which subjects they are doing and what they want to do after high school,” said Miss Bwanya.

“Friday is entrepreneurship day where we are going to have a panel discussion targeted at mainly women.

“We will be looking at the use of ICTs in businesses from the woman’s point of view.

“The aim of the panel discussion is for people to have a greater understanding of the power of ICT as well as how we can improve on the use of ICTs in starting and running businesses.”

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