GMB announce payments modalities for maize farmers

18 May, 2022 - 16:05 0 Views
GMB announce payments modalities for maize farmers Grain Marketing Board (GMB)

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THE Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has advised maize and traditional grain farmers to start delivering their produce at the board’s deports countrywide after announcing payment modalities in local and foreign currency.

The payment consists of a  30 percent United States dollar and 70 percent local currency component.

In a press release today, GMB Chief Executive Officer, Mr Rockie Mutenha said: “The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) advises the nation that it is paying farmers 30 percent of the amount due on Maize and traditional grains delivered in United States Dollars (USD) and 70 percent in Zimbabwe Dollars,”

To that end,  Mr Mutenha urged farmers to urgently open USD Nostro accounts with their respective banks.

“The GMB is encouraging farmers to update their Nostro banking details with our Supply Chain Managers at all our depots throughout the country for timeous payments.

“For those with GMB Farmers Cards, the Nostro account will be automatically generated in our system.

“We are encouraging farmers to take advantage of this development and start delivering their maize and traditional grains to GMB,” he added.

In April, GMB said trading in controlled products by either buying or selling without authority from the Government still remains an offence that attracts a penalty.

Maize, soya beans, wheat and barley are all on the controlled produce list which restricts farmers to sell to the GMB or contractor who would have financed production.

The controls are contained in the Statutory Instrument (SI) 145 of 2019 Grain Marketing (Control of Sale of Maize regulations 2019), SI 97 of 2021 Grain Marketing (Control of Sale of Soya Beans regulations 2021) and SI 188 of 2021 Grain Marketing (Control of Sale of Wheat and Barley regulations 2021).

The board said all farmers should deliver products to the nearest depot within two weeks of harvesting.

It added that all farmers, producers and contractors are required to apply for a movement permit where grains are being moved from one area to the other.

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