Go with the  blessing Bible

Genesis 27 verse 41 Esau wanted to kill his brother Jacob because of the blessing that he had received. It was just a pronouncement. 

When Jacob left his father, he had no tangible wealth that he had, no silver, no gold there was nothing you could point to but Esau wanted to kill him for that which was invisible because he understood the weight of the pronouncement. So, here in Africa we don’t really have a revelation of the blessing of God the way the Jewish people have. They can’t move to another nation without the blessing of God.

After building our church during the lockdowns, one man asked me how did that happen and I told him there is one thing that God told me, that if you want to prosper in any economy, no matter how dirty it is, even if you are in a wilderness, you can still prosper as long as you have the blessing of the Lord. 

So, when you receive the blessing of the Lord, your life ceases to be determined by the circumstances around you or the situation around you or the economic situation that is around you because you are now operating with the blessing of God.

Proverbs 10²², “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.” When Abraham would come into a nation, a lot of kings would chase him away because he would have taken over everything. 

Why? Because the blessing of the Lord is the one that makes you get a house, a car, it makes you to get this and that. The blessing is what makes you rich. All these material things that we are looking for money, marriages, all that we are looking for, they come out of the blessing. 

So, if money is a byproduct of the blessing, if properties are a byproduct of the blessing, if health is a byproduct of the blessing, then in my life I have said to myself I would rather stop looking for money, I want to start looking for the blessing.

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