Gospel artiste undeterred by albinism

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Gospel artiste undeterred by albinism Marvellous Tshuma

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Marvellous Tshuma

Marvellous Tshuma

Danisa Masuku
Going through a rough patch in life, ridiculed by society coupled with embarrassment have inspired gospel singer, Marvellous Tshuma, to release her fourth album titled God Loves Me.

Tshuma, who hails from Binga, is an albino and as a result, has endured name calling and shunning from some members of the society.

Most recently, she had a torrid time when she wanted to record one of the videos from her third album as children were frightened upon seeing her.

“My producer and I went to Makokoba to record a video of my third album. Some children had been invited to be part of the video shoot and when they saw me, they ran away.

“After that incident, things were never the same as I became a spectacle of shame and we had to forgo recording of the video,” Tshuma said.

She said she could have given up on herself a long time ago but God has been her pillar of strength.

“Looking back at all I’ve gone through, I realised I’d been put on earth for a purpose. I decided not to let people’s mocking and ridiculing get to me, something which inspired me to work on this fourth album.

“The songs on this album mainly capture my gratitude to the Almighty and all those who’ve supported me on this journey.”

The album has six songs including Amabole and I Have Got Joy, celebration songs that are popular at her shows.

Tshuma who worships at Hope Centre sings in Tonga to cater for a market that is being shunned by most gospel artistes.

“I’ve realised that most of the gospel singers sing in Ndebele and Shona and it’s rare to find a Tonga artiste and as such I decided to sing all my songs in Tonga so as to cater for the Tonga people,” she said.

The talented artiste said various churches in Bulawayo had approached her to assist their budding singers.

“I struck a deal with churches around the city to train their singers. I also use that platform to market my music and I’m glad to say the response has been overwhelming.”

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