Government secures new site for Globe and Phoenix Primary School

Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent

THE Government has secured a site where the new Globe and Phoenix Primary School will be constructed.

This follows a mishap at the school last week where 18 learners cheated death after a classroom floor collapsed into an underground mining tunnel.

The school has since been cordoned off and learners are temporarily housed at Sally Mugabe Primary School where they are conducting lessons at the school grounds while awaiting the construction of the new school.

Kwekwe District Civil Protection Unit (CPU) chairperson Mr Fortune Mpungu said a crew from the Ministry of Mines and Mining development and the national geospatial team, are on site carrying out surveys to avert further disaster.

The land was availed by Kuvimba Mining House who took over mining operations from former owners Homestake.

“I can confirm that Kuvimba Mining House availed a piece of land for the construction of the new school. The land is located near  the Globe and Phoenix Secondary School. As we speak a team of surveyors is on the ground carrying out surveys so that we do not go on to build a school on top of tunnels,” said Mr Mpungu.

He said the team, as directed by President  Emerson Mnangagwa,  is also carrying out surveys underneath the whole Globe and Phoenix area.

“The surveys are underway as directed and we will soon receive a report. They are also be surveying the area where the Government complex will be built to avoid disaster,” said Mr Mpungu.

He said Kuvimba were willing to assist in quick reconstruction of the school.

Other businessmen from Kwekwe have pledged to assist with the construction of the school once land is availed.

Hospitality and energy stalwart, Dr Solomon Matsa and gold magnate, Cde Energy Ncube have pledged to help construct classroom blocks.

The two have since taken care of hospital bills for the injured learners.

Meanwhile,  the national CPU has provided tents at Sally Mugabe Primary School which are sheltering the students.

All the 1 300 learners have been accommodated at the school grounds prompting authorities to suggest hot sitting to avoid congestion.

“A total of 21 tents have been pitched at the school which are enough to accommodate all the learners. But due to shortage of furniture,  we have decided that some come in the morning and some in the afternoon so that they can all fit. We are currently in the process of sourcing chalkboards, and submersible pumps to ensure there is enough water for every child,” said Mr Mpungu. Sally Mugabe Primary School has 900 learners.

Mr Mpungu said every department was on site to ensure that everything is in place.

“We have our health staffers from the Ministry of Health (and Child Care, council and from the department of environmental health on the ground to ensure that hygiene is maintained to avert disease outbreak. We are also sourcing more water buckets and ensuring that there are water tanks for easy access to water,” he said.

Mr Mpungu said police where there to ensure safe crossing of the road by the learners.

The school is situated along the busy Harare-Bulawayo Highway.

The authorities have also staggered break and lunch times to avoid congestion in ablution facilities and water sources.

The construction of the new school is expected to commence once the surveys are completed.

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