Government still compiling mealie-meal coupons database

09 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
Government still compiling mealie-meal coupons database Dr Sekai Nzenza

The Chronicle

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Reporter 

GOVERNMENT is still compiling a database for those who will be given coupons to buy subsidised roller meal.

The Government last month announced plans to introduce mealie-meal coupons for targeted households to enable them to buy subsidised roller meal.

The coupon system for roller meal is expected to ensure that vulnerable community members benefit  from the subsidy.

Retailers are selling subsidised roller meal at $70 but there is shortage of the product on the market as some of it is being diverted to the parallel market.

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Sekai Nzenza told Senators  recently during a Question and Answer session that Government is yet to finalise the coupon system.

“We do not have coupons yet for mealie-meal, we are still compiling a database for people who deserve those coupons and these are the most vulnerable in our society. For those who were already on social welfare database, it is not a problem but there are others who were not who should be included,” said Dr Nzenza.

Government set up a mealie-meal taskforce last month to ensure that there is a steady supply of the subsidised roller meal on the market.

The taksforce is led by Commerce and Industry Deputy Minister Raj Modi. 

“The taskforce on mealie-meal is there but it is facing challenges. The challenges are that maize is still in transit. It is only when this maize comes that the taskforce can ensure the vulnerable buy it at the agreed price of $70 for a 10kg bag. The problem is that we have individuals buying the mealie-meal for resale at inflated prices of up to $160 for a 10 kg bag,” said Dr Nzenza.

In Bulawayo, the taskforce recently unearthed some irregularities in the supply of roller meal to shops.

Its investigations led to the suspension of Grain Marketing Board Belmont Depot manager Mr Stanley Chimakira together with his subordinates Messrs Buhle Dube, Vincent Gwariro, Tashin Kamangira and Ms Samkeliso Nyathi for allegedly channelling subsidised mealie-meal to the black [email protected]

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