Govt to unveil more projects across the country-President President Mnangagwa

Zvamaida Murwira Online Writer

The Government will unveil more life-changing projects to all areas of the country as the Second Republic remains focused on ensuring that it raises the welfare of communities, in line with its mantra of leaving no one and no place behind, has said.

As the Second Republic  commences its second term, it will remain determined to uplift communities out of poverty and into prosperity.

The Head of State and Government, President Mnangagwa, said this last night during an inauguration State dinner held at Glamis Arena to mark his re-election as President in the just-ended harmonised elections.

“Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen; The Second Republic, under my leadership, will continue to be informed by servant leadership and hard honest work. We shall stay focused on ensuring that we raise the welfare of our communities, mainly to uplift many out of poverty and into prosperity.

This is more pertinent as the ZANU PF Government is a people’s Government, a Government from the people and for the people,” said President Mnangagwa.



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