Govt works to achieve manifesto targets

17 Oct, 2020 - 00:10 0 Views
Govt works to achieve manifesto targets National Housing Minister Daniel Garwe (left) and Local Government Minister July Moyo brief VP Mohadi (right) on the progress of construction at a site in Beitbridge yesterday

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Thupeyo Muleya, Beitbridge Bureau
Vice President Kembo Mohadi yesterday said the Government is working tirelessly to fully implement social and economic development policies as it seeks to transform the country into an upper middle-economy by 2030 as outlined in the ruling party’s 2018 elections manifesto.

He was speaking during a tour of outstanding Government housing projects in Beitbridge which have been stalled by fiscal related challenges.

The Vice President said a lot of ground had been covered towards delivering 1,5 million medium-income housing units over the period 2018-2023.

VP Mohadi who chairs the social development cluster in Cabinet said providing standard, quality and affordable housing to its workers and general citizens was of paramount importance.

He said the Ministry of National Housing was created to ensure that feat is achieved within target and that the security forces should also get decent housing within their cantonments.

“A number of housing projects had been stalled in the old dispensation and we cannot let that go unattended under the New Dispensation,” said VP Mohadi.

“Thus, I am moving around with the ministers who fall in that cluster to have a feel of the needs and situation on the ground so that we make corrective measures.

“There is no way you can push for development as a leader without getting to the people on the ground.

“When we went to elections, we promised Zimbabweans a number of things which we are fulfilling as we inch towards our envisaged Vision 2030.

“We have started working on these in order of priority. We are action people and not concerned with talk shows”.

VP Mohadi said under the current housing development drive, the Government will commit more resources to complete 16 duplex flats, 52 F14 houses, and several garden flats to accommodate scores of civil servants deployed to Beitbridge.

He expressed concern over the dilapidated state of the Beitbridge housing project which has received little attention in the last decade.

The VP noted the outstanding works on the project during his tour with Local Government Minister July Moyo, and National Housing Minister, Daniel Garwe.

“We have seen, we have conquered, and this can’t go on forever.

“We are going to bring the Minister of Finance and Economic Development on the ground so that he gets the quantum of the resources required and make funds available.

“This project should be completed by the first quarter of next year, considering that the technocrats on the ground say they need at least three months to complete inside and outside infrastructure,” said the VP.

He said Beitbridge was the face of the country to those entering from South Africa hence the need to afford the housing project the urgent attention it deserves.

VP Mohadi said Zimbabweans should be proud of working together to build their economy and infrastructure from their own resources.

He said the country was under attack internationally and was not getting anything from anyone.

“We are on our own and we will do things in our own way to achieve the targets of our manifesto.

“Note that we have rebuilt the Cyclone Idai ravaged areas in Manicaland and we are gradually upgrading national roads and we will get there.

“We have been relying on our local brains to turn things around and in no time, we will be one of the strongest economies in the region,” said VP Mohadi.

He said the Government was also concerned with the plight and dignity of civil servants, which it will continually upgrade.

VP Mohadi said it was good for any Government to have highly motivated workers to fully implement its programmes to achieve its goals.

“That can only be achieved if we have, we cater for the foot soldiers’ housing, health and remuneration needs and providing quality, affordable and decent accommodation for them,” he said.

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