Granny turns 110 years

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The Chronicle

Lethokuhle Moyo Chronicle Reporter
A 110-YEAR-OLD granny who celebrated her birthday last weekend has attributed her long life to hard work. Lucy Ncube, who lives with her daughter in Nketa 6 suburb in Bulawayo, but hails from Matobo, was born on August 7, 1904, according to her family. The family threw a party for her last Saturday at Ingutsheni Hospital hall.

In an interview with Chronicle, Ncube expressed mixed feelings about her age, saying she is tired of living and she now wants to “rest”.
She attributed her long life to hard work.

“I’ve always been healthy, and I’ve worked all my life at home and at the farm,” Ncube said.
“I am no longer able to do anything the way I used to long back. I used to knit and make clay pots. Life has changed; I am always seated outside doing nothing because of my old age.

“The traditional food we used to eat during that time made me strong and healthy. It is different from the food we eat nowadays. People are just eating everything.

“We hear of people dying every day, long ago we used to bury just a few people in a year but nowadays we hear of people dying every day from diseases that I had never heard of in my life.”

The 110-year-old is survived by 69 grandchildren and seven children — she had 13 children, but six others died over the years.
Dumisani Ncube, one of her grandchildren, attributed his grandmother’s expression of mixed feelings on her long life on her grappling with seeing some of her children die, while she is left behind.

“Throwing a birthday party for her was a way of showing our love to her and we wanted her to meet some of her grandchildren as well as her great grandchildren because she has forgotten many of us.

“We are blessed to have her as part of our lives. Many of us at home have seen her life because we had the opportunity to live and be with her for these years.

“Although my grandmother has difficulty walking and stays largely in bed, she makes a point of hobbling unaided to the outhouse on the other side of the yard, because she hates to be a nuisance.”

Ncube said his grandmother still has a sharp mind and her senses are still very good.
“Grandma has a very clear mind and she hasn’t lost the ability to think rationally,” he said.

“To mark Lucy’s birthday we played traditional songs and popular music for children, while her grandchildren and great grandchildren offered traditional dishes. They also brought her small presents and money.”

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